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{How  To  Order}

Cake Chat  &  Save the Date

Once you have your wedding date booked and I have checked that I am available, we can then have a chat about all things wedding and discuss any design ideas you have. I can then provide you with a quote for these initial ideas.

If you would like a more in depth conversation and to discuss your wedding cake design in more detail, we can arrange a Telephone Consultation to ensure you feel comfortable and confident about booking me to make your wedding cake.

A booking fee of £100 secures your wedding date in my diary  and we can start planning your beautiful and yummy wedding cake!



Around 4-6 months before the wedding we will arrange a consultation. You can choose from:
Option 1: A face to face consultation and cake tasting
Option 2: An "At Home" Consultation via phone/zoom and cake box. 

During the consultation we can go through the initial designs in more detail and any other ideas you have.

It would be good for you to bring or send photos of any swatches or photos of invitations and flowers if this will help with your cake design. We will also chat about other important details like delivery times and where/how the cake is being set up.


{Cake  Tasting}

During the face to face consultation you will have the chance to taste some cake samples and make the tricky decision of which flavours you would like for your cake!

If you choose Option 2, you will be sent a Consultation Cake Box via post, so you still get to have your cake tasting experience in your own home. The Consult
ation Cake Boxes include 6 of my most popular flavours, with 2 portions of each so no need to share! They also include a mood board based on your theme/style, a leaflet for you to take notes and sketch your cake, a cake menu and also chocolate favours and tea bags to enjoy while we chat!

*If you would like to "try before you buy", cake sample boxes are available to buy. They're £25 including P&P and include 6 cake flavours.

Details  &  Payment

After the consultation, I will send you a full quotation with all the details we discussed including design, tier sizes, flavours and delivery details. We can tweak anything then if needed and I can send over a final sketch of your cake.

Any changes to the design and size of the cake can be made up until the balance due date, 28 days before the wedding.

Once the balance has been paid we will double check any details and make sure everything is ready for your big day!



{Prices  & Portion}


Wedding  Prices

Prices for our wedding cakes vary greatly depending on the size, style and design of your cake. The following starting prices are intended as a guide and are for 2024 wedding cakes. For a more accurate quote and for 2025/26 prices please Contact Us


Please note we have a minimum spend of £450 (2024) which can be made up of cupcakes, treats and favours too.

Iced Cakes - Decoration such as sugar flowers, ruffles, piping, stencil designs etc are extra.

Small 3 Tier - serves 70 - Starts at £425

Large 3 Tier - serves 120 - Starts at £505

Small 4 Tier - serves 130 - Starts at £570

Large 4 Tier - serves 200 - Starts at £650

5 Tier - serves 220 - Starts at £740

Naked and Semi Naked Wedding Cakes available.

Iced cookies, cupcakes and other favours available. See menu here.


If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page

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