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  • Laura Jane Cake Design, Wedding Cake

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Terms and Conditions..


1.1 The deposit listed on your order confirmation form is required on confirmation of order. Your cake is not booked in until this is paid. Until the deposit has been paid, we have the right to change the quote given. (This mainly applies to quotes given well in advance to the date needed)

1.3 Deposits are non refundable, unless the order is cancelled within 14 days of the booking date. (See 2.2

1.5 Deposits for Wedding Cakes are £100. this saved the event date.

1.6 Full payment on your Wedding Cake order is required 28 days prior to delivery/collection. These dates will be confirmed on your order confirmation.

1.7 Hire cost for wedding cake stands are £15 and cutting knife and slice are £5. Deposits for the equipment may vary and will be confirmed on your order form. Equipment must be returned no later than 7days after the event, in the original condition for a full refund of the deposit.



2.1 If for any reason you wish to cancel your order please email laurajanecakedesign@live.com

2.2 Orders cancelled within 14 days of booking will receive a full refund unless work has already started on the order and/or it is cancelled within 30 days of collection.

2.3 Orders cancelled after 14 days from the booking date will lose their deposit.

2.4 Orders cancelled with 3 days of collection will require full payment and no refunds will be given.

2.5 In the unlikely event I need to cancel an order I will give as much notice as possible and give a full refund.



3.1 I will strive to create your cake exactly to the design description given, however the design may need to be altered for it to work on the cake. 

3.2 All cakes are hand crafted, because of this there may be slight variations in colour and the overall look of the cake.

3.3 If you need to change the design of your cake, please let me know as early as possible to ensure the change is viable.

3.4 Celebration cake designs may be amended up to 7 days before the collection date. 

3.5 Wedding Cakes designs may be amended up to 4 weeks before the wedding delivery date. 

3.6 The price may change due to the worked need. This can go up or down.


Publication and Advertising

4.1 The photos taken of your cake before they are delivered belong to Laura Jane Cake Design.

4.2 The photos will appear on our website, facebook page and any other social media accounts we hold.

4.3 The photos may be used in future publications or advertising.


Returns and Problems

5.1 If you are unsatisfied with the design of the cake please inform me on collection. At this point there may still be time to amend the cake design, so that you are happy with it.  

5.2 If you wish to return the cake, please email laurajanecakedesign@live.com or call 07734869867 at the earliest opportunity. Clearly explain the problem.

5.3 If the cake is damaged before collection, all efforts will be made to fix the damage. 

5.4 Laura Jane Cake Design are not responsible for any damage after collection. However, if the cake is slightly damaged after collection then contact me and I will try to give advice on how to fix it. For example if a flower has fallen off the cake, I can talk you through how to stick it back on, so don’t panic!


Looking after your Cake

6.1 Please store your cake in the delivery box in a cool room away from direct heat and out of direct sun.

6.2 Please keep pets away from the cake. We all know they're quite partial to a bit of cake.

6.3 Please do not place your cake in the fridge, as this dries out the sponge and causes the icing to sweat, losing colour and shape.

6.4 Once cut wrap any cut edges in clingfilm to preserve the freshness.

6.5 The cake is best eaten within 48 hours of delivery. However it can last up to a week. 



7.1 Laura Jane Cake Design cannot guarantee the kitchen is allergen free. Therefore I do not supply cakes for anyone with any dietry allergy.