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Adding a Personal Touch

It can be quite overwhelming when thinking of the design of your wedding cake, especially when there are so many design ideas to choose from! One thing not all couples think about adding are the little personal touches to the cake.

Once you have decided on the design, there’s always the option to go one step further and include personal elements that will not only make your cake unique, but also make it more meaningful to you. Couple's Personal Touches:

Sometimes the personal touches are incorporated into the overall design of the cake as opposed to being hidden elements often at the back of the cake. Katy and Tom had a hand painted Eiffel Tower with a piped floral frame, as they got engaged in Paris! This is definitely one of my favourite cakes! Other couples have added things like where they met and things they like to do together such as travelling and even roller coasters!

A lot of couples choose to have their initials on the cake, either in a frame, on a plaque or carved into the icing for a tree bark effect cake. Its a nice way to add a personal touch but still keeping the style of the wedding cake. There is always a debate during consultations on who's initials get to go first too!

Conflicting Ideas: The cake (mostly the back of the cake) is a good way to add personal touches that don't quite go with the overall theme or look of the wedding. While some grooms are really interested in picking the flavours for the cake, the rest of the design often matches the wedding, which is not always superhero or sports themed (sometimes is of course!). I have done a lot of cakes where the front is pretty, with lace, ruffles and flowers, with a hidden back featuring the partners interests such as films, football teams and other sports.

Family and Pets!: Adding little touches such as your children's initials is a perfect way to include them as well as making your cake more meaningful. If you're brave enough you can also let them choose other elements to add too such as these little ballet shoes! Another popular thing to include are the people who couldn't be at your wedding with you. It can be a special way to incorporate them in your wedding day.

Not all venues allow animals, even the small cute fluffy ones like rabbits! Cake toppers are an easy way to include them but also I can add silhouettes of them to the back of the cake. (how cute are these little rabbits!)

Lastly, this has to be my favourite personal touch added to the wedding cake! Can you spot it below?

Nope? Well, before the wedding I received a special envelope which told me the sex of Vicky and Carl's baby! Inside of the top tier of their wedding cake was coloured either blue or pink, so when they did their cake cutting they found out if they were having a boy or a girl! The cake was blue!! Hope this gives you a few ideas on the personal touches you could add to your wedding cake!! Laura x


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