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Cake Toppers: Do You Really Need Them?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and everything has to be perfect! One of the most important elements of the big day is the wedding cake, in my opinion of course. The cake is not only a dessert, but also a decorative piece that adds to the overall aesthetic of the day.

A cake topper is a traditional and popular finishing touch for many wedding cakes, but is it necessary to have one?

Why Cake Toppers?

For many couples, cake toppers are a way to personalise their cake and make it unique to their relationship. Some people choose to have cake toppers that reflect their interests or hobbies, while others opt for more traditional toppers, such as figures of themselves.

Figures of the happy couple are one of the most traditional cake topper options. These toppers typically feature a miniature figurine of themselves in formal wear, standing side by side or holding hands. This traditional option has been popular for decades and adds a classic touch to any wedding cake. Couples can choose figurines that match their wedding attire or that reflect their personal style and interests. Some companies also offer customisable figurines, allowing couples to create a miniature version of themselves on top of the cake. While this option may not be for everyone, it's a classic and timeless choice that many couples still love today.

Another option for a cake topper that is both personal and understated is to have one with initials or names. This is a popular choice for many couples because it adds a personal touch to the cake without being too flashy. You could have your initials or names made from a variety of materials, such as acrylic, wood, or metal.

This is a simple and elegant way to personalise your cake and make it unique to you.

Cake toppers can be more than just a decorative piece on your wedding cake. They can also serve as a keepsake to remember your special day. Many couples choose to keep their cake toppers as a memento of their wedding, displaying them in their home or adding them to their wedding scrapbook. This is a wonderful way to hold onto the memories of your big day and sometimes the only thing left after the cake has been eaten and enjoyed!

Whether it's a traditional figurine or a unique design that reflects your interests and personality, a cake topper can be a meaningful and lasting reminder of your wedding cake.


Alternative Options:

If you are not a fan of cake toppers or are looking for a more understated option, there are alternative options available.

One popular option is to decorate the top of the cake with either fresh or sugar flowers. This not only adds a beautiful and natural touch to the cake, but also complements the flowers used in the rest of the wedding decorations.

Of course, some couples choose to forgo the cake topper altogether and opt for a simple yet elegant cake design. This minimalist approach puts all the attention on the cake itself and lets the cake do the talking.

Sometimes a cake topper just might not go with the design of your cake!

Whatever option you choose, it's important to make sure it reflects your personal style and tastes. It's also a good idea to let your cake maker know what type of cake topper you're opting for, so they can make sure it will suit the cake! Some toppers may be too big for the size of the top tier, or heavy and need supports so they don't damage the cake, so it's best to let them know so they can plan and advise accordingly!

In conclusion, cake toppers are not necessary for a wedding cake, but they can add a personal touch and a great keepsake. The most important thing is to choose what works for you and your partner and to have fun with it!


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