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Wedding Cake Guide

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I may be bias, but your wedding cake is quite a big part of your wedding day! I’ve put together a list of top tips and things to think about when ordering your wedding cake.

The Size:

A good place to start is thinking about how big or small you want or need your cake to be. I usually suggest basing this decision on how many servings you would need from the cake, which I base on a 1” by 1” by 5” portion size.

Of course, you might want a 5 tier size cake but only need the servings of a 3 tier, therefore polystyrene dummy tiers are a great way to still have a tall and grand cake but without having too much cake (if that's a thing). You can check my portion guide here.

Below: 2 tiers- 5 tiers

The Budget:

Everybody has a budget to stick to for each aspect of a wedding, including the cake. This could be £350 or £950, whatever it is I will always show couples what they could get to suit their budget. Over on my Prices page you can see the starting prices for each size cake, plus the naked and semi naked cakes. The decoration costs of the cake is then added to the starting price, so this could determine which designs to choose and what could be over your budget.

Below: Same size cake but around £100 difference in design.

The Design:

Once you know how many tiers you need to think about when designing the cake, and what budget you have to play with, you can now start to look at design ideas and elements that you want to include. Sometimes this is a simple step if you have a good idea on what you would like, or if you need a bit of help, we can talk through it and design a cake to suit your wedding.

Flavours - The Important Step!:

Everyone wants a beautiful wedding cake, but it's also so important that it tastes yummy too! Once you have sampled my cakes, either during a consultation or a sample box, and know they taste amazing (of course!) its then the difficult decision of deciding which flavours you would like for your wedding cake! Lots of couples go for the popular flavours for the bigger tiers then their own personal favourites for the smaller tiers (and debate whether to keep them for themselves too!)

The Display:

So you have a beautiful cake that tastes amazing, the perfect cake for your wedding day, but a step not all couples think about is how they want to display their wedding cake to show it off! I find most venues have a designated cake spot which is usually perfect, but occasionally it can be in a dark corner or on a wobbly uneven table. Speak to your venue and decide where the cake would look best to show off your cake and if you're using the venues cake stand, ask to see it and make sure you're happy with it. Think about any decorations you might want on your cake table.

It could be that I have delivered to your venue many times so you can ask me where the cake is usually set up too.


Lastly, think about if you would like a keepsake from your wedding cake to remember it! Cake toppers are a great keepsake as they are usually either acrylic writing toppers or clay figure toppers which are both sturdy and will keep forever!

It’s also possible to keep the sugar flowers or other sugar decorations from your wedding cake, which are best to be kept out of sunlight. I still have decorations from my sons 1st birthday cake kept in a keepsake box for the last 7 years!

I hope this has given you a few tips on the things you need to thing about when ordering your wedding cake - any questions or advice just drop me an email :)

Laura x


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