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My First Blog Post - All about me!

Welcome!! After chatting to a few wedding suppliers about their blogs I have decided to give it a go! For my first post I thought I would introduce myself. as all my social media posts tend to only be about cakes and not the face behind who makes them, So that's me on the right, on my wedding day (the one without the beard), I am 27 and I have been making cakes for 6 years. I am a mom to an amazing 6 year old called Archie, who now also has a budding interest in cake decorating and not just eating mommy's chocolate cake off-cuts. My cake career started during my maternity leave and I made my first cake when Archie was 4 months old! I kept it as a hobby for a while, making cakes for friends and family but progressed pretty quickly with the help of my art and design background and my love for eating cake of course. I slowly developed a great following on Facebook and lots of cake friends who supported me along the way! This led to great opportunities such as appearing in magazines, taking part in collaborations with other amazing artists and entering competitions (which are way more stressful than the wedding cakes I mostly focus on now!) As my business has taken me more towards wedding cakes, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing wedding suppliers and venues, who I'm sure I will do a blog post on over time too! When I am not making cakes or doing paperwork and emails (which is honestly 90% of my time) I'm either watching a Netflix series - recommendations welcome, visiting friends or family or if I'm being honest, probably napping on the sofa. The one and only thing other than cakes that I have ever stuck to doing is learning Spanish! I have practiced everyday for the last 198 days, which I'm actually really proud of! I think my husband Josh is secretly fed up of it, as I will text him in Spanish knowing he has no idea what I'm on about, But luckily for me he is a great cake husband. He comes on every wedding cake delivery with me, admittedly not always happy about that, stops up with me if its a late night working on cakes and does all the last minute journeys to the shop if I've misjudged cake ingredients! I'm not really sure what else I can say about myself, but luckily for you talking about myself wasn't my aim for this blog. I plan on posting lots of info and tips to do with weddings, of course lots of posts about wedding cakes and birthday cakes and then if anyone can suggest any topic ideas or something they would like me to talk about then I will do a post on that too! Hopefully my Mom isn't the only person who reads this.. Looking forward to the next post! Laura x


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