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Stacking wedding cakes at the venue!

Couples can spend a lot of money on their wedding cakes, putting their trust in me to not only make their perfect wedding cake but to get it to the venue in one piece!

Stacking the cake, sticking on the flowers and arranging the cupcakes on the cake stands took 45 minutes (while chatting to suppliers and the bride in between!)

For the safety of the cake and the sake of my sanity, all my wedding cakes are delivered unstacked. It's not that I don't trust Josh's driving (honest!) I just don't trust everyone else on the road! I'm sure at some point all drivers have had someone in front of them stop suddenly, or pull out on them unexpectedly. Stressful right? Now imagine having someone's wedding cake in the boot!

While I have delivered to a lot of wedding venues now I still occasionally deliver to a new one which I haven't been to yet and never know what to expect! We've had steep hills, bumpy roads and even delivered to a tipi in the middle of a field.

For me the only way to guarantee the cakes survival in these situations is to stack the cake at the venue!

Now of course this can be a pain, back and forth to the car to get all the tiers and I'm usually then in the venue at least 20-30 minutes for a simple stack and a few decoration but if it's a cake with lots of sugar flowers, which are stuck on after the cake is stacked, I can be in there nearly an hour at times. But for me I'd rather spend more time on the delivery and know there isn't going to be any unexpected cake disasters!

As I've been delivering this way for so many years now I feel like I'm pretty good at it, only once have I forgotten something (the cake topper!) and had to send Josh all the way back home to pick it up and bring it back to me! (you can imagine how happy he was with me that day)

I take all the tiers of the cake in their own boxes, either on non slip matting or stuck down with royal icing onto greaseproof paper if I really worry about them moving. The tiers have their dowels in ready so I can stack as soon as I get to the venue. I stack the wedding cakes straight onto the cake stand, this way I just need somewhere to put the tier boxes and don't need to trouble the venue with an extra table or anything.

I will then have a big box for decorations to stick on if there is any on the design and take a few piping bags of royal icing to stick everything down.

I take my delivery bag, which is like a Mary Poppins bag with so much stuff in it, everything I would possibly need to stack the cake including my apron, tool bag, smoothers, , flower picks for when I need to add fresh flowers, matching icing, ribbons, scissors etc.

And lastly I take my camera to take photos of the cake once its finished. I would love to be able to have pretty cake photoshoots at home, with the cake all stacked and finished, especially when the lighting in the venue isn't the best or the cake table is in an awkward place for photos, but I think its nice for future couples to see the cakes I have made all set up in place, especially when it's at their wedding venue!

Have a look through my gallery, see if you can spot your wedding venue! Laura x #specialdelivery #weddingcakes #weddingcakedelivery #weddingcakeblog #weddingblog


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